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Your business needs an Identity and artwork which represents your company name, reflects your services or products, and gives a reliable look to your clients. But this small artwork is the essential part of every business. It has to be there on every step of your business representing your company.

Why Unique Identity / Logo is That Important?

Logo is something which always stays in everyone’s mind, instead of your full company name or services. With this logo color combination and font style you will be able to make similar letterheads, banners, websites etc. This will add more attraction to your business.

We offer logo in high resolution formats so that you can use your logo anywhere else, Which can further help you in branding process for your products etc.

You might be interested in full package, so we have a full package of all office use items here:

  • Logo
  • Envelops
  • Letterheads
  • Bill Book

'For the past 6 years no one wanted to have Flash animation on their website. Because internet connections were coming with very low speed. Use of animation was not that much important at that time.

But now every one is looking for animation in all sorts of business projects. Everyone wants their site to have Sound Tracks, Animation/Movement. They want their welcome page to be animated so that they can welcome their visitors in a special way.

Having printed "Company Profile" was old fashioned. Now everyone is looking for AutoRun CDs to have Animated Company Profile.

Our Animated Graphics Services Include:

  • Flash Banners
  • Flash Animated Intros
  • AutoRun CDs
  • Annual Reports
  • Flash Gallery
  • Flash Company Profile

We have Photo-Real quality 3D Architectural visualization. If you want to see your house or office building in real life before it is constructed then you came to the right place. This can also help your constructor to visualize what he is going to construct. Paint, texture and objects can be visualized before you start using them in real life.

Prop models can also be placed inside your 3D architectural design and you can imagine how they look before you start putting them there in real life building structure. Perhaps you might want to make a change in the building before construction starts.

The 3D Architectural design can also be animated to be used in any sort of TV/Cable Ad. This animation will show your clients and convince them to buy the property you want to sell.

3D house Modelling

One mistake in product packaging can lead you to a big loss. Sometimes it’s the product cover/package design which leads you to the bad product or sometimes it’s the product size or dimensions which are not as you assumed they may be.

So what if you were able to see your product in real life before it is printed or production is completed. That’s why we are here to help you.

Our 3D Product models will make you visualize your product before it is naturally produced. This can save you from the loss. You can make changes into the product design or dimensions.

If your product is some sort of mechanical product which moves and handle other objects then you can see it animated in 3D physical world. So either it is a simple product like a Box model of a pharmaceutical product or even if it is a complex product like some sort of machine, we can make it.

Working Since 2005

We first started our business with the name of Shadow Arcade in 2005. After satisfying large amount of international market we decided to provide services in Pakistan also.

We decided to change the name from Shadow Arcade to Shadow Aura in 2009. We as a team are offering services of Graphics, 3D Multimedia and Web Development services.

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